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AR Verbs C2-3

AR Verbs List-ASD 2016 CH02-03

presto atención I pay attention
prestas atención you (singular) pay attention
buscar to look for (to search)
buscamos we look for
visitar to visit
visitas you (singular) visit
estudiar to study
escuchamos we listen (to)
estudio I study
escucho I listen (to)
escuchas you (singular) listen (to)
nadar to swim
nadamos we swim
nadáis you-all swim
nadan they swim (you-all swim)
mirar to look at (to watch)
miras you (singular) look at (you watch)
busco I look for
busca he (she) looks for
visitan they visit (you-all visit)
escuchar to listen (to)
hablar to speak, to talk
hablo I talk (speak)
necesitar to need
necesita he (she) needs
necesitamos we need
necesitan they need (you-all need)
contestar to answer
contesta he (she) answers
contestan they answer (you-all answer)
contestas you (singular) answer
desear to want (to desire, to wish)
deseas you want
desea he (she) desires
deseamos we want (we desire)
deseo I want (I desire)
comprar to buy
compráis you-all buy
compran they buy (you-all buy)
estudian they study (you-all study)
estudias you (singular) study
miráis you-all look at (you-all watch)
miran they look at (they watch)
usar to use
uso I use
visitamos we visit
hablamos we talk (speak)
habláis you-all talk (speak)
tomar to take
tomamos we take
toman they take (you-all take)
tomas you (singular) take
enseñar to teach
enseñas you (singular) teach
enseña he (she) teaches, you (formal) teach
enseño I teach
usas you (singular) use
usamos we use
levantar to raise, to lift up
levantas you (singular) raise
compra he (she) buys, you (formal) buy
levantamos we raise
levantáis you-all raise
prestar atención to pay attention
prestamos atención we pay attention
Created by: MrPoppele