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Jantz PHS Eng 1-2

Eng I second vocab list simplified

tantalize offer someone something they can't get; tease
subjugate defeat and control
feint pretend to do one thing to hide what you're really going to do
fodder food for animals; soldiers you let die
erratic with no pattern; changes again and again for no reason
terse uses few words; almost rude
illegible cannot be read; messy or unclear
lucrative makes a lot of money
expulsion; expel forcefully making someone or something leave
alien from a foreign country or world; strange, does not fit
adjourn end a meeting
sully dishonor; make a person's honor dirty
dissolute immoral
mediocrity not very good, but not terrible
compensation giving something as payment, usually money
comely good looking, attractive
unflinching show no weakness when facing fear or pain
fortify make strong
proliferate increase quickly
jeer say rude things to make someone feel bad
Created by: Jantzarino