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HT ELA 6th vocal

Chapters 14-20

All last year we ______ Webb tormented
Tormented Tortured
Mike brought the mustard in one of those squeeze ________. Dispensers
Dispensers Distributors
Forfeit Lose
Butted Rammed
Grunted Mumbled
"Other teams get a sniff of you, the'll all faint and we'll win by _____." forfeit
"We ___ helmets like bighorn sheep." Butted
"We ____. We growled." grunted
Devour Gobble
Rifleman A soldier armed with a rifle
Sputtered Crackled
"I do not ____ anything that has a face." devour
"Mike made like a _____." rifleman
Stalked Hunted
Sag Droop
"He ___ over toward the wastebasket, holding the room hand out like a sword." stalked
"It's a total, major ___: cheeks, shoulders, even voice (except eyeballs, they roll upward.)" sag
Blur Fuzzy
"He was right, it was fast, a gray ___ across the kitchen floor..." fuzzy
Mussed Messed
Crayoned/Mustache drawn with crayon/facial hair above the lip
"He reached out and ______ my hair." mussed
"On the glass that covered it, some mysterious unknown person had _______ a mustache right above my toothless grin." crayoned
Stiff-armed to tackle or fend off with ones arm
Shifty Untrustworthy
"The ___________ almost always works early in the game." stiff arm
"They're usually small and fast and ___. shifty
Outjuke Out-maneuver
Second-string Back up
"They expect you to try to out run or _____ them" out juke
"He stumbled backward onto his ______ butt." second-string
Ovation Cheer. Clapping
Spatula a utensil used for cooking
"The kids in the stands jumped up and gave me a standing ____." ovation
"He turned, a _____ in his hand. spatula
Scrumptious Delicious
Bait Lure
"This is _____," my mother said with her mouth full." scrumptious
"The trap was still there, a little glop of peanut butter as a ____." bait
Clobbered Bashed
"What is this?" said Scotter, drawing back and almost getting ___. clobbered
foothunters individuals that hunt feet
"Sometimes he'll tell us about the _______ of Borneo (instead of headhunters, get it?), how they go around lopping off people's feet and shrink them and wear them around their necks." feet hunters
Created by: jwscarbo