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Econ Pre-Test 1e

Florida produces the most oranges in the US
Brazil produces more _________ than the US Oranges
What is FCOJ? Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice
What happens when the world price is higher that the autarky price? then there is gains from trade
Free Trade always has more winnings than loses
Loyalty can cause countries to buy what? (autarky) domestic (made in the same country) produced products
Pre-Conditions (what came before the Industrial Revolution) 1. The Black Plague 2. The Renaissance 3. The fall of the Roman Empire 4. Agricultural Revolution
Dethrone Role (1675) - During the Industrial Revolution -interested in music -went to London to be a lawyer -learned about plowing and applying, fertilizer, irrigation -created a mechanical seed drill -Now 1 or 2 people could plant a field instead groups-greatly reduced labor -wrote books on science
What is Malaria? Means bad air
Who were Lewis Paul and John Wyatt? made the cotton spinning machine
What are the stages of cotton production 1) Grow the crop a) break the ground b) weeding “chopping cotton” c) harvesting—can take up to 2 days 2) Ginning-separating the lint from seeds -50 days 3) cleaning a) clean- pick out debris stems leaves -20 days b) Carding- paling fibers line up
Labor cost for cotton higher because _________shade out cotton plants and they die weeds
During the Revolutionary War (1783) Didn't end until the Treaty of Paris *Cotton was more expensive then wool, linen, and silk *Cotton was well suited for making cloth
Cotton originated in what country Pakistan
The Renaissance (Reoccur or rebirth) 1350-1400 is also known as the "social awakening"
What was the fall of the Roman Empire? -Literacy (can't read) dropped to single digit percentages; Barbarians came through and burned libraries
What was the Agricultural Revolution? -Increased agricultural output -Decreased labor in agriculture
Black Plague:hits Europe between 1336-1353 -The first wave was massively devastating -Serfs- tied to the state; had no where else to go -Nobles- responsible for protecting the serfs from marauders 1/3 of the population died due to the plague in Europe -Needed to get (organized)
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