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Morphemes #2

Cogn, gnos Incognito cognitive know Cognititve functions are highly complex.
Com, con Conjoined, company together, with There are many large companies that have been around for decades.
Corp, soma Corporation incorporated body One day, machine enhancements may be incorporated into the human body.
De Demonitize destroy from, down from, down, off It is my mission to destroy my mom’s high score in pacman.
Dent, dont Dental orthodontist tooth The dentist can be very expensive.
Derm, cut Pachyderm cuticle skin Pachyderms are some of the largest animals on the planet.
Digit, dactyl Dactylalgia digit finger, toe My dad almost lost a digit while working with some heavy steel coils at work.
Dis Distill discourage away, away from I’ve tried to discourage my sister from buying a game she'll rarely play.
Disc discuss disclose learn In class we are discussing different types of poetry
Dors Dorsal endorse back You can tell if an orca has been in captivity if its dorsal fin is curved.
Dox, doc(t), didac Doctrine didact teacher I'm going to get a doctorates degree from college.
E, ex Exempt exact out, from I was lucky enough to be exempt from some major projects after being gone for two weeks.
Epi Epidemic epicenter on, upon Epidemics were very common before vaccines were invented.
Fact, fect, fict Effect fiction make, do I love fictional stories, especially fantasies.
Flect, flex Reflect flexible bend, turn Many parents put their children in gymnastics at a young age to improve their flexibility.
Created by: tsmolen