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Irregular verbs

English/Spanish revision of basic Irregular Verbs

Entender Understand Understood
Cantar Sing Sang Sung
Pensar, creer Think Thought
Doblar Bend Bent
Sangrar Bleed Bled
Leer Read Read
Escribir Write Wrote Written
Beber Drink Drank Drunk
Ser, Estar Be Was/Were Been
Comer Eat Ate Eaten
Saber, conocer Know Knew Known
Coger, Atrapar Catch Caught
Lanzar, Tirar Throw Threw Thrown
Olvidar Forget Forgot Forgotten
Encender Light Lit
Ir Go Went Gone
Venir Come Came Come
Montar, Cabalgar Ride Rode Ridden
Volar Fly Flew Flown
Tomar, Coger Take Took Taken
Tener, Haber Have Had
Cantar Sing Sang Sung
Hundirse Sink Sank Sunk
Perdonar Forgive, Forgave Forgiven
Caer, Caerse Fall Fell Fallen
Sentir, Sentirse Feel Felt
Perder Lose Lost
Hacer Do Did Done
Fabricar, Hacer Make Made
Estar de pie Stand, Stood
Ver See Saw Seen
Nadar Swim Swam Swum
Luchar, Pelear Fight Fought
Golpear Hit
Esconder Hide Hid Hidden
Crecer, Cultivar Grow Grew Grown
Hablar Speak Spoke Spoken
Cortar Cut
Ganar Win Won
Perder Lose Lost
Convertirse, LLegar a ser Become Became Become
Empezar Begin Began Begun
Apostar Bet
Romper Break Broke Broken
Construir Build Built
Comprar Buy Bought
Vender Sell Sold
Elegir, Seleccionar Choose Chose Chosen
Cavar Dig Dug
Dibujar Draw Drew Drawn
Conducir Drive Drove Driven
Congelar Freeze Froze Frozen
Oír Hear Heard
Doler Hurt Hurt
Aprender Learn Learnt
Enseñar Show Showed Shown
Salir, Partir de un sitio Leave Left
Prestar Lend Lent
Permitir, Dejar Let
Significar, Querer decir Mean Meant
Encontrarse con, conocer Meet Met
Poner Put
Alzarse, Levantarse Rise Rose Risen
Correr Run Ran Run
Agitar Shake shook shaken
Disparar Shoot Shot
Dormir Sleep Slept
Deletrear Spell Spelt
Robar Steal Stole Stolen
Barrer Sweep Swept
Vestir, LLevar puesto Wear Wore Worn
Cerrar Shut
Decir Say said
Created by: jacarceles