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List 1

Unit 1

flustered made nervous and unsure; upset
inhibited finding it hard to show feelings; reserved
perplexed confused; bewildered
susceptible easily influenced; vulnerable
tremulous fearful; timid
boisterous noisy and lively; loud; rowdy
genial cordial; friendly
motivated persuade to do something; inspired
oblivious unaware of; unconcerned
peculiar different from the usual; odd
spontaneous unprompted; unplanned
accommodate adapt; adjust
anticipate look forward to; count on
assert state clearly and strongly with confidence
assimilate blend in; take something in and make it a part of you
mettle spirit; determination
mingle associate; join; blend
transcend rise above; exceed
buoyant enthusiastic; cheerful
competent capable; qualified
dogged persistent; stubbornly determined
elated filled with joy and pride; excited
eloquent convincing; persuasive
jovial full of good humor; cheerful
keen full of enthusiasm, alert; clever
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