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to teach enseƱar
to hear oir
to take a look echar un ojo, vistazo
to go ir
to make hacer
to climb escalar
to cook up inventar
to plan planear
to listen escuchar
to see ver
to create crear
to buzz tocar el timbre
to wake up despertarse
to begin comenzar
to arrive llegar
to turn on prender
to come venir
to mix mesclar
to squash aplastar
to kneed amasar
to fill llenar
to sit sentar
to give dar
to rise subir
to bake hornear
to get tired cansarse de
to help ayudar
to put poner
to need necesitar
to use utilizar
to forget olvidar
to roll rodar
to cut cortar
to open abrir
to wait esperar
to smell oler
to talk hablar
to smile sonreir
to sell vender
to worry preocuparse