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Blue Vocab Unit 17


accumulate to gather together often, often in an increasing number; collect
compromise an agreement in which each side gives up some demand; to give up certain demands in order to settle and argument
desolate bleak and without any people; extremely unhappy
disregard to pay no attention to; the state of ignoring something
emphasis the special importance or value given to something; stress given to a syllable or word in reading or speaking
friction the rubbing of one object or surface against another; conflict
intervene to come between things, points, events in order to make changes
irresistible too attractive and tempting to be resisted
majority the great number; something made up of the greater number
phenomenon something that can be taken in by the senses or mind; someone or something that is very unusual
profound very great or intense; requiring deep thought or understanding
subside to become less intense, violent, or severe
Created by: tbrogs5