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Blue Vocab Unit 16


assume to take upon oneself; to pretend to have or be; to take for granted
cram to stuff tightly; to fill tightly; to study
endanger to expose to injury; risk
fare to get along; the cost of travel on public transportation; food and drink
fertile good for producing crops and plants; capable of growing
furnish to supply with furniture; to supply with what is needed
mammoth a very large, long-tusked, shaggy-haired elephant, that is now extinct; great in size
peer a person of the same age, rank, or ability; a British noble; to look closely at
rigid not bending; very strict
rowdy rough and disorderly
safeguard something that protects; to protect against possible danger
trespass an action that is wrong; unlawful entry on to someone's property; to do wrong; to enter onto someone's property without right
Created by: tbrogs5