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Blue Vocab Unit 14


alibi a claim of having been elsewhere when a crime was committed; a reason given to explain something
confederate a person, state, or country that joins with another for a common purpose; a partner in crime
discharge to let go; to unload cargo or passengers; to fire off; to give off
economical careful about spending money or using resources
frank honest in expressing thoughts and feelings
modify to change somewhat
mutiny an open rebellion against authority; to rebel against those in charge
negative saying "no"; not positive or helpful; less than zero OR a photo image that reverses light and dark areas
pursue to chase in order to catch; to strive to achieve; to carry out
reign the power or rule of a monarch; to rule as a monarch; to be widespread
singular referring to only one person or thing; out of the ordinary
swindle to cheat out of money or property; a scheme for cheating someone
Created by: tbrogs5