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WU Quiz #1

Brenham Eng III Warm Ups 1-6 Quiz

accentuate to emphasize, to heighten the effect of, to pronounce or mark with an accent; to highlight
allegory a symbolic story in which people, setting, or actions represent ideas or moral qualities
ambiguous having more than one possible meaning; uncertain, vague or unclear
comprehensive a wide scope; inclusive; thorough
conjecture an opinion without proof; guesswork; to speculate; to guess
despicable contemptible; deserving of scorn; vile
dissolute lacking moral restraint; very wicked; immoral; undisciplined
felicitous well chosen for the occasion; appropriate; apt; having an agreeable or delightful manner of writing or speaking
ferocity the quality or state of being fierce, savage, or relentless
impregnable not capable of being conquered, overcome, or captured; unshakeable
inception a beginning; a start of something
incongruous not suitable or appropriate; not consistent; not conforming to a pattern
intricacy condition or state of being complex, involved, or detailed; elaborateness
introspective given to examination of one's own thoughts and feeling; contemplative
misanthrope an individual who dislikes or distrusts other human beings
prologue introductory lines of a play; the preface to a literary work; an introductory or preceding event
protagonist the main character in a story or a play; a person who plays a leading or active part in something
provocative stimulating; pushing or tending toward action, thought, or strong feeling
terse brief and to the point; concise
vernacular the native language or dialect of a country or region; every day or informal language; using everyday language
accent, emphasize, highlight, stress, spotlight accentuate
absolute, broad, exhaustive, expansive, whole comprehensive
questionable, uncertain, cryptic, doubtful, inconclusive ambiguous
analogy, association, illustration, likeness, correlation allegory
guess, hypothesis, inference, opinion, surmise conjecture
applicable, apt, convincing, pertinent, proper felicitous
firm, fortified, secure, solid, strong impregnable
abandoned, corrupt, unrestrained, wayward, intemperate dissolute
awful, base, contemptible, degrading, destable despicable
barbarity, brutality, cruelty, savagery, viciousness ferocity
origin, start, inauguration, onset, alpha inception
reflective, subjective, thoughtful, meditative, speculative introspective
complexity, difficult, elaborateness, involvement, multiplicity intracacy
conflicting, contradictory, discordant, improper, inconsistent incongruous
cynic, doubter, egoist, hater, loner misanthrope
common, dialect, indigenous, local, inherent vernacular
exciting, stimulating, alluring, interesting, suggestive provocative
advocate, champion, hero, idol, lead protagonist
abrupt, concise, curt, succint terse
beginning, forward, introduction, preamble, prelude prologue
Created by: juliehinds