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LA Vocab Test 7

Importune Ask urgently
Incontrovertible Undeniable
Surreptitious Stealthy, Accomplished by secret
Haven Place of safety
Subjugate Conquer
Idiom: To take the bull by the horns To face a problem directly
Ultimate Final
Eventuate To result finally
Emit To give off
Subterrain Underground
Viable Practicable, workable
Idiom: Lion's share The major portion
Premise Grounds for a conclusion
Jeopardize Endanjer
Incredulous Skeptical
Permeate To spread through
Propitious Favorable
Idiom: Out of the frying pan into the fire To go from a difficult situation to a worse one
Surmise Guess
Curtail To cut short
Repress To put down
Cryptic Puzzling
Inchoate In an early stage
To keep the pot boiling To see that interest doesn't die down
Aspire To strive for
Inveigh Attack verbally
Neetle Irritate
Overt Open
Relegate Assign to an inferior position
Idiom: To bury the hatchet To make peace
Supine Lying in the back
Mammoth Huge
Repulse Drive back
Havoc Ruin
Raze Desrtoy
Idiom: Philadelphia Lawyer A lawyer of outstanding ability
Lethal Deadly
Scurry Run Hastily
Incisive Acute
Precipitate Hasten
Stereotype Unvarying pattern
Idiom: To guild the lily To praise extravagantly
Stentorian Loud
Singular Extraordinary
Valor Courage
Bias Prejuice
Sinecure Soft job
Idiom: To Steal one's Thunder To weaken one's position by stating the argument before that person does
Created by: 203681