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Spanish Unit 2


Pupitre Desk/chair combo
Piso Floor
Techo Ceiling
La biblioteca Library
La libreria Bookstore
La prueba Test; quiz
La examen Test; exam
La pluma Pen
La mesa Table
El escritorio Desk
La Pizarra Board
La Puerta Door
Horario Schedule
Lunes Monday
Martes Tuesday
Miercoles Wednesday
Jueves Thursday
Viernes Friday
Sabado Saturday
Domingo Sunday
Tomo espanol los martes y jueves a las 8 con el profe Gordon. I have Spanish on Tuesday and Thursday at 8 with professor Gordon.
Boleto Ticket
Descansar To rest
Adonde? Where (to)?
Como? How?
Cual? Which?
Cuando? When?
Cuanto How much?
Cuantos? How many?
De donde? From where?
Donde? Where?
Por que? Why?
Que? What? Which?
Quien? Who?
Quienes? Who (plural)?
Estar To be
Al lado de Next to
A la derecha de To the right of
A la izquierda de To the left of
Alla Over there
Alli There
Cerca de Near
Con With
Debajo de Below
Delante de In front of
Detras de Behind
En In; on
Encima de On top of
Entre Between
Lejos de Far from
Sin Without
Sobre On; over
30 Treinta
40 Cuarenta
50 Cincuenta
60 Sesenta
70 Setenta
80 Ochenta
90 Noventa
100 Cien
1.000 Mil
1.000.000 Un millon
Capital of Espana Madrid
Languages Spoken in Espana Espanol, Castellano, Catalan, Gallego, Valenciano, Euskera, Portugues
Population of Espana 47. 043. 000
Famous artist from Madrid Diego Velaquez
What was the name of the painting that Diego Velaquez painted? Las Meninas
Created by: angieskinner