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vocab words Trenten

vocab words that help me

Connotation An idea or quality that a word makes you think about in addition its meaning
Charaterize to describe the character or special qualities of something or someone
summarize to tell the main idea + details again in logical order using fewer words
context the word that are used with a certain word or phase that help explain its meaning
analyze to study something closely + care fully
bias a tendency to believe that some people,idea,etc.are better than other,treating some people unfairly
acknowledge to say that you accept or do not deny the truth or existence of that something to show that something has been received
tentative without confidences uncertain and hesitant not definite still able to be changed
concur to agree with something
significant large enough to b noticed or have an effect veryimportant
veiwpoint a way of looking at or thing of something
anticpate to or to look a head to something with pleasure to look forward to something
acquire to come to have something
argument discussion in which people have opposite opinions about something
evaluate to judge the value of someone or something in a careful way
evidence something which shows that something else is true or exist
omit to leaveout or fail to do something
strategy a careful method for achieving a particular goal
Created by: nccs111959