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La Iglesia Catolica

Vocabulary on the Catholic Church and attitudes

aclarar to make clear, clarify
el bautismo baptism
bautizar to baptize
bendecir to bless
el brillo shine
controvertido/a controversial
la corona crown
cumplir to fulfil
la desafección disaffection
disponer de to have available, to have at your disposal
el Domingo de Ramos Palm Sunday
dominical relating to Sunday
encabezado/a headed (by)
enseguida straight away
fallecer to die
inconcebiblemente inconcievably
indígena native
llevar a cabo to carry out
madrileño/a from Madrid
menguar to reduce
la medida the measure
el monje monk
el Papa the Pope
pisar to tread on
predecir to predict
regalar to give (as a present)
rescatar to rescue
secularizarse to become secular/non-religious
suplantar to take the place of
el vínculo link
la vivencia experience
el aborto abortion
la antioncepción contraception
apoyar support
el desarrollo development
fundar to found
los judíos the Jews
la norma the rule
musulmán Muslim
la Reconquista the Reconquest (historical period where Christians took over Spain)
el califato musulmán the Muslim Caliphate (rulers of southern Spain before the 1400s)
los Reyes Católicos the Catholic Kings (Ferdinand and Isabella, rulers during the Reconquest)
el sexo prematrimonial premarital sex
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