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Lists 1-5

Stems Lists one through five

lent full of
fract break
bell war
ous full of
amor love
Feculent adj- foul, disgusting
Amorous adj- affectionate, loving
Refractory adj- stubborn
Pompous adj- proud, arrogant
Belligerent adj- aggressive or hostile
sub under
per through
ambul walk
syn together
ven come
Subjugate verb- to bring under submission; to control
Perambulate verb- to wander around
Synthesize verb- to combine into a single unit
Percieve verb- to recognize, to identify, to understand
Convene verb- to meet together
se apart
hend grasp
luc light
greg group
Sequester verb- To set apart
Lucid adj- characterized by clear perception or understanding
Rephrehend verb- to scold, reprove, or chide (to fuss at)
Gregarious adj- sociable, talkative
Bellow verb- to roar, to violently shout
fid faith
sanct holy
anim mind
loqu talk
plus add
Fidelity noun- loyalty
Sacrosanct adj- sacred or holy
Animosity noun- feeling of strong dislike
Loquacious adj- talkative
Nonplussed adj- confused
phil love
fort strong
fulg shine or flash
culp blame
circum around
Philanthropy noun- the generous giving of one's resources to help others
Fortitude noun- calmness of the mind in dangerous or chaotic situations
Refulgent adj- shining
Culpable adj- guilty, blameable
Circumvent verb- to get around; dodge
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