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AS Social Media

Vocabulary for Las Redes Sociales

el/la activista activist
actualizar to update
adicto addicted, hooked
bajar to download
borrar to erase
colgar to upload, to post
compartir to share
contar nuestra vida to reveal our life
dejarse influir to be influenced
espaciar to space out
el studio de mercado market research
hacer contactos to network, to make contacts
la herramienta tool
el icono icon
la interactividad interactivity
interactuar to interact
el/la internauta internet user
mantenerse en contacto con to keep in touch with
moderar una comunidad/un foro to moderate a community/forum
el perfil profile
ponerse a día to get up to date
promocionar una marca to promote a brand
la puntuación score
la queja complaint
quejarse de to complain about
el/la seguidor/a follower
seguir to follow
sobrepasar to go over
subir to upload
unir fuerzas to join forces
Created by: alg_modlangs