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Black Pearl Vocab

Sets #1-3

braggart someone who boasts
aglow lighted or glowing
engulf to overflow and enclose
scarce not plentiful or enough
throng a crowd of people
impending approaching or about to occur
premonition a warning or advance sign
impale to pierce with sharp stick
pursue to chase or hung
ominous scary
admonish to warn gently
dawdle to spend time wastefully
majestic honorable or splendid
sprawl to spread out awkwardly
adore to love or worship
forage to search for food
sidle to move sideways
stifle to smother
hostile unfriendly
vacant empty
inquire to ask
nullify to take away value
perturb to annoy
incongruous not fitting in with surroundings
vehement full of energy and passion
invoke to summon; to call upon
irresistible impossible to resist
melodious pleasing to the ear
bewilder to confuse
astonish to surprise and amaze
Created by: shawn.lucas