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Hvac 1000-01


Heat energy that causes molecules to be in motion and to raise the temperature
British Thermal Unit(BTU) The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit
Saturation a term used to describe a substance when contains all of another substance it can hold
Vapor the gaseous state of a substance
Specific Heat the amount required to raise the temperature of one pound of substance one degree.
Condensation liquid formed when a vapor condenses
Refrigerant the fluid in a refrigeration system that changes from liquid to a vapor and back to a liquid at practical temperatures.
Mass matter held together to the extend that it is considered one body
Compound Gage A gauge used to measure the pressure above and below the atmosphere's standard pressure. It can be found on all gauge manifolds used in refrigeration service work.
Condensing Pressure the pressure that corresponds to the condensing temperature in a refrigeration system
Fahrenheit Scale the temperature scale that places the boiling point of water 212 degree(F) and the freeing point at 32 degree(F)
Change of State the condition that occurs when a substance changes from one physical state to another, such as ice to water and water to steam
Dew point the exact temperature at which moisture begins to form.
Sensible Heat Heat that causes a change in temperature
Atmospheric Pressure the weight of the atmospheres gases pressing down on the earth.=14.696 psi at sea level and 70 degree(F)
Laten Heat Heat energy absorbed or rejected when a substance is changing state and there is no change in temperature.
Temperature A word used to described level of heat or molecular activity, expressed in Fahrenheit, Rankine,Celsius, or Kelvin units
Ambient Temperature the surrounding air temperature
Cold heat at lower levels in intensity
Radiant Heat Heat that passes through air, heating solid objects that in turn heating the surrounding area
Therm Quantity of heat 100,000 BTU
Convection Heat transfer from one place to another using a fluid
Evaporation the condition that occurs when heat is absorbed by liquid and it changes to vapor
Ton of Refrigeration the amount of heat required to melt a ton(2000 lb) of ice at 32 degree(F) in 24 hours, 288,000 BTU/24h, or 200 BTU/min
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