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spanish test

las ciudades cities
se salvaron they were saved
los animales animals
un terremoto an earthquake
la inundaciõn flood
mucha lluvia lots of rain
vivo-a living\alive
apagar to put out (fire)
El Huracán hurricane
nevó it snowed
comenzó it started
los árboles trees
una tormenta a storm
la tormenta de nieve snow storm
bajar to go down
valiente brave
los bosques forest\woods
hubo\había there was\ there is
ocurrió it occurred
escaparon they escape
los puentes bridges
rescatar to rescue
mucho humo lots of smoke
se quemó\se quemaron it burned\ they burned
los muebles furniture
socorro help
el edificio de apartamentos apartment building
de prisa in a hurry
destruyó it destroyed
un incendio a fire
se murieron they died
los bomberos firefighters
asustados frightened
a cause de because of
Created by: Abbyfarmer