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What do carbohydrates consist of? Carbon hydrogen and oxygen. With a hydrogen oxygen ratio of two: one (like water)
What is the empirical formula for carbohydrates Cm(H2O)n
As an organic compound carbohydrates are considered what? Hydrates of carbon
Structurally carbohydrates should be viewed as? Polyhydroxy aldehydes and ketones
What is a synonym for carbohydrate? Saccharide
What are the four types of carbohydrates\saccharides 1) monosaccharide 2) disaccharide 3) oligosaccharide 4) polysaccharide
Sugar is a common term used to identify? Monosaccharides and disaccharides
Formal name of blood sugar is? Monosaccharide glucose
Formal name of table sugar is? Disaccharide sucrose
Formal name of milk sugar is? Disaccharide lactose
Lactose is a disaccharide found in milk. It consists of what molecules? D – glucose and D – galactose bonded by a 1–4 glycostatic linkage it has a formula of C12 H22 O11
What is polysaccharides role in living things Polysaccharide Serv for the storage of energy (i.e. starch & glycogen) and as structural components (i.e. cellulose in plants and chit in anthropods)
What is an important component of coenzymes (ATP, FAD, & NAD) and the backbone of the genetic molecule known as RNA? Five carbon monosaccharide ribose
What does the D in DNA stand for? Deoxyribose
Saccharides and their derivatives include many other important biomolecules that play key roles in? The immune system, fertilization, preventing pathogenesis, blood clotting, and development.
In food science and in many informal contacts the term carbohydrates often mean? Food that is particularly Rich in the complex carbohydrate starch ( serials bread pasta)or simple carbohydrates such as sugar (candy jams desserts)
Natural saccharides are generally built of simple carbohydrates called? Monosaccharides with the general formula (C H2 0)n. where n is three or more
Sugar is stored as? Glycogen
Glycogen is stored in? The liver and turns to fat
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