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Landlord Tenant Relationship

Michigan Truth In Renting Act Regulates rental agreements, commercial sale of rental agreement, prohibits inclusion of certain clause, requires inclusion of certain clause
Landlord Right to property after termination of lease, right to receive rent, disclose defects to tenant, mataining common areas.
Tenant Right to peaceful possession, must pay rent, responsible for damages beyond normal wear and tear.
Security Deposit Advance amount paid by tenant,must be returned upon expiration of lease term, shall not exceed one and on half month rent in addition to first.
Requirements Landlord shall not require a security deposit unless tenant has been notified in writing. No later than 14 days after tenant has possession. Tenant has 4 day
Use of Security deposit To reimburse the landlord for damages caused by tenant. To reimburse the landlord for delinquent rent, utility bills, rent to from premature termination.
Damages Upon termination landlord must send tenant within 30 days, a list of damages including cost of repairs and check for difference.
Created by: Jgjg