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Chapter 7 Chemistry

Ionic & Metallic Review @ Kahoot

An ionic bound is between metal and nonmetal
What happens with the electrons when an ionic bond forms electrons are transferred from the metal to the nonmetal
These are lost or gained in an ionic bound valence electron
In the formula Na3P what does the 3 stand for? there are 3 Na atoms
If Al loses 3 electrons it becomes a cation
Sterling Silver is an example of this an alloy
Which form of Ba is the most stable Ba +2
The electron configuration of Sr+2 would look similar to what noble gas Kr
How many total atoms are present in H2PO4(H2C3O2)3 28
If ions are free to move in a solution then it will conduct electricity True
The strong attraction between closely packed +metal ions and a "sea" of delocalozed electrons metallic bond
an ionic compound dissolved in water that conduct an electric charge electolyte
What happens to Iodine in order for it to become stable gains 1 electron
what is the formula for Sodium fluoride NaF
What is the correct name for Sn3(PO4)2 tin(II) phosphate
Which of the following pairs of elements is most likely to form an ionic compound sodium and sulfur
Why are Roman numerals used to name some ionic compounds to indicate the charge on the cation
what characteristic of metals makes them good electrical conductors they have mobile valnece electrons
which ofthe following compounds contains the Mn3+ ion Mn2O3
How many valence electrons are in the phosphorus atom 5
What type of ions have names ending in -ide only anions
How does sodium obey the octet rule when reacting to form compunds it loses electrons
How many electrons does aluminum have to give up to achieve a noble gas electron configuration 3
What is the correct name for the compound CuCl2 copper (II) chloride
Which of the following elements forms an ion with a 1-charge F
Which of the following formulas represents an ionic compound FeO
What is the correct formula for magnesium chlorate Mg(Co3)2