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Hatchet Vocabulary

altitude height in relation to the ground
gratitude a feeling of thankfulness
audible able to be heard
rigid not flexible
stricken troubled by an unwanted situation
vague not specific, unclear
abated to become less intense or threatening
keening sharp or stabbing
amphibious to work on land or in water
asset a useful thing
pulverized crushed, ground up
ruefully showing regret and sadness
crude lacking finish or completeness
rivulets small stream
gingerly cautious, careful
imbedded surrounded tightly or firmly
tendrils climbing plants that often grow in spirals
gratified receive satisfaction, to be pleased
eddied to have moved in a cricle
dormant to be inactive
convulse to shake or shiver in an uncontrollable way
tapered to gradually get thinner or more narrow
primitive belonging to an early stage of something
persistent continuing non-stop
punky to be soft or rotten
infuriating very maddening, annoying
exulted showed or felt great happiness
rectify to correct or make right
vital very important
streamlined rounded so something can move easily through air
unduly not correct, innappropriate
stymied stopped, unable to go on, confused
surging a strong wave the moves quick
unwittingly not know, unaware, ignore
furor a big outburst of excitement, loud cheer
scarce not enough of something for the demand
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