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Tic-Tac-Toe Sort 50

Words and their definitions and derivatives

Absent derivatives: Absense 1.)not present in a place, at an occasion, or as part of something. 2.) to not be somewhere
Absence derivatives: Absent 1.)the state of being away from a place or person 2.) being away from a place
Fragrant derivatives: Fragrance 1.)having a pleasant or sweet smell 2.) a smell
Fragrance derivatives: Fragrant 1.) a pleasant, sweet smell 2.) a sweet smell normally perfume
Confident derivatives: Confidence 1.)feeling or showing confidence in oneself; self-assured. 2.) feeling pride in your self
Confidence derivatives: Confident 1.) the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust. 2.) a great trust
Patient derivatives: Patience 1.)able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious 2.) to wait without complaining
Patience derivatives: Patient 1.) the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset 2.) to have all of tollerance
Assistant derivatives: Assistance 1.)a person who ranks below a senior person. 2.) a person who works for someone else beside them
Assistance derivatives: Assistant 1.) the action of helping someone with a job or task. 2.) to help someone
Distance derivatives: Distant 1.) an amount of space between two things or people. 2.) the space to one area to another
Distant derivatives: Distance 1.) far away in space or time. 2.) to be far away
Dominance derivatives: Dominant 1.) power and influence over others 2.) to have power
Dominant derivatives: Dominance 1.) most important, powerful, or influential. 2.) more powerful
Intelligence derivatives: Intelligent 1.)the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills 2.) to have cleverness
Intelligent derivatives: Intelligence 1.) having or showing intelligence, especially of a high level 2.) to be very smart
Different derivatives: Difference 1.)not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality. 2.) not the same
Difference derivatives: Different 1.) a point or way in which people or things are not the same 2.) the different qualities between to things
Prominent derivatives: Prominence 1.)important; famous. 2.) to be very important
Prominence derivatives: Prominent 1.)the state of being important or famous 2.) a person that stands out the most
Defiance derivatives: Defiant 1.)open resistance; bold disobedience 2.) to rebel
Defiant derivatives: Defiance 1.) showing defiance. 2.) to be disobedient
Obedient derivatives: Obedience 1.)complying or willing to comply with orders or requests; submissive to another's will 2.) to listen
Obedience derivatives: Obedient 1.)compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another's authority. 2.) to have order
Created by: marvelousquizer2