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PBA 2 - Span. 4

Helpful vocabulary

situado/a situated/located
norte north
sur south
característico typical
vejiga bladder
pintado/a painted
llamativo flashy
brillante shiny/bright
asustar to scare
golpear to hit
jueguetona playful
culmina ends
apellido last name
conquistador conquistador/conqueror
gobernador governor
presidente president
comparsa carnival troupe/group
desfile parade
papel paper
cartón cardboard
cuernos horns
monstruosos monstrous
dientes teeth
pelo hair
cascabeles rattles
lengua tongue
conceder to give
verano summer
invierno winter
siglo century
entierro burial
sardina sardine
rey king
reina queen
coronación coronation
festejos festivities
Plaza Mayor Main townsquare
calles streets
baile a dance
antiguo old
fundar to be founded
ciudad city
pueblo town
villa village
Created by: mblanco79