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Hansel and Gretel

Define the capitalized word: Long ago, a VAST, mysterious forest stretched across the land. of very great extent or quantity; immense.
Define the capitalized word: The girl, Gretel, WEPT bitterly, as much from fear as from a broken heart. to cry
Define the capitalized word: A full moon had turned the tree into silvery ghosts. Stones SHIMMERED on the forest floor. shine, glow, glitter
Define the capitalized word: When they awoke, a white bird PERCHED on the branch above them. to sit, rest on something.
Define the capitalized word: Hansel was DEVOURING a chunk of roof and Gretel was licking a shard of window... eat hungrily or quickly
Define the capitalized word: Each morning, the witch COMMANDED that Hansel stick out his finger so she could feel how fat he'd grown. give an order
Define the capitalized word: The witch had HEAPS of trunks stacked in every corner of the cottage... a great amount
Define the capitalized word: Soon, Hansel and Gretel began to RECOGNIZE the path. there was the oak they loved to climb! identify something from having encountered it before. Remember.
Define the capitalized word: Tears STREAMED down his face as he hugged and kissed them. to run or flow in a direction.
Define the capitalized word: Hansel and Gretel giggled as hey poured a shower of jewels from their pockets. With so much WEALTH, the family would never starve again. A lot of something, like money.
Created by: CyberAcademy702