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unit 8

unit 8 vocab words

abnormal adj. not usual, not typical, strange
catastrophe n. a large-scale disaster, misfortune, or failure
decrease v. to become or make less
decrease n. a lessening
flourish v. to groom, thrive, be prosperous, to wave in the air
flourish n. a dramatic gesture, a fanfare of horns
insubordinate adj. disobedient, rebellious
onslaught n. a violent attack, a sudden rush of something
outstrip v. to get ahead of, to do better than, exceed
prudent adj. cautious, careful, showing good sense
quench v. to put out, extinguish, end
swerve v. to turn aside sharply
swerve n. a sharp or sudden turn
capsize v. to turn bottom side up, upset
disputatious adj. inclined to argue or debate, provoking debate
evict v. to force out from a property, eject
incentive n. a reason for doing something, something that stimulates action
legible adj. easily read
nub n. the central point or point of a matter, a knob
ordain v. to establish by law, to order or command, to appoint as a priest or minister, to destine
pervade v. to spread throughout
remnant n. a small part remaining behind
simultaneous adj. happening or existing at the same time
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