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SPAN - Adjetives

Tired Cansado
Skinny Delgado / Flaca
Weak Debil
Bright Brilliante
Dim Tenue
Sneaky Astuto
Quick Rapido
Smart Inteligente
Brilliant Brilliante
Clever Astuto
Slow Lento
Dark Oscuro
Quiet Callado
Loud Ruidoso
Humble Humilde
Dense Denso
Reliable Confiable
Unreliable Poco confiable
Cheap Barato
Expensive Caro
Shiny Brilliante
Strange Extrano
Brown Marron
Talketive Hablator
Weird Extrano
Relaxed Relajado
Awake Despierto
Thick Gruesa
Antiguo Old
Simple Sincillo
Sea Marino
Broad Amplio
Nice Agradable
Exciting Emocionante
Wide Ancha
Simple Sencillo
Dangerous Peligroso
Friendly Amistoso
Affectionate Carinoso
Blind Ciego
Narrow Estrecho
Faithful Fiel
Lax Flojo
Amusing Gracioso
Deep Hondo
Heavy, Dull Pesado
Strange Raro
Deaf Sordo
Soft Suave
Created by: theostripling