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Diary of Anne Frank

threadbare worn out and thin, with holes
sparsely thin; not full
rucksack backpack
capitulation an act of surrendering; giving up
portly large and heavy in a dignified way
conspicuous easily seen or noticed
mercurial frequently changing, with a range from very high to very low
pantomime acting out without using words; gestures
seetee small couch or sofa
dignified showing proper manners; polite and refined
extravagant exaggerated; beyond usual norms
intolerable terrible; unbearable
vile awful; disgusting
dunce a person with limited intelligence
coeducational having both males and females in class together
indignantly with anger or resentment; feelings of being treated unfairly
mimicking copying actions; making fun of
scoffingly in a mocking way
grave very serious and concerned
bustle noisy; busy activity
meticulous very neat
humiliated extremely embarrassed
deported sent away, out of a country
fatalist someone that believes that all events are determined by fate
satchel a small bag or suitcase
improvise to fulfill a sudden need, using whatever materials are available
ostentatiously in a showy way; boastful
disgruntled displeased; grumpy
onslaught violent advance or attack (like in a battle)
inarticulate incapable of speech, usually when under stress
apprehension worries
foreboding a prediction (feeling) that something bad will happen
anticipate knowing what is about to happen
bewildered confused
intimate familiarity, to know someone very well
intuition the ability to sense and understand what will happen
stole a short fur coat
stealthily in a sneaky way, to not get caught
pandemonium wild uproar; loud celebration
convulsive strong and uncontrolled
rigid stiff with tension and fear
ineffectually without success
purgatory a religious term- not heaven or hell (a temporary place)
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