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English Vocabulary

To prepare for the SBAC final by practicing and mastering their vocabulary words

Summary Main points of an idea.
Recall Remember a detail.
Explain Make a statement clear.
Prevent Stop from happening.
Predict What will happen before taking place.
Ability Power or skill to do something.
Approach Move towards.
Inverse Opposite of something.
Arrange To put in order.
Average Not special or unusual.
Avoid Keep away from.
Brief Short.
Consider Think about carefully.
Diagram Drawing that explains something.
Examine Look closely.
Gradual Happening little by little.
Individual A single person or thing.
Locate To find.
Observe Watch carefully.
Outcome Final result.
Primary Most important.
Solution Solving a problem.
Theory Idea based on research.
Value What something is worth.
Symbol Represents something.
Created by: CyberAcademy702