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Extra Words

consonant consonante
vowel vocal
me too yo tambien
romantic romantico
short baja/o
handsome guapo
The beautiful ( outside) lady. La dama bella.
The beautiful (inside) lady. La bella dama.
tune/song cancion
action accion
train car ferril
How do you say... ¿Cómo de/se dice...?
You say... Tu/Se dice....
mischievous/naughty travieso
thing cosa
snow nieve
new nuevo
carpet/rug alfombra
pineapple pina
The United States Los Estados Unidos
to touch/to play an instrument tocar
pay attention pon atencion
with you contigo
blanket cobija
juice jugo
You are weird/odd/strange? Tú eres extraño.
with a dirty face careto
ugly mug/child face niño careto
ill-bred/spoiled/disrespectful person malcriado
to throw/to throw away/to launch botar
to hurl/to throw up arrojar
to throw (at)/to lance tirar
juice jugo
de (of) + el (the) del
a (to/at) + el (the) al
year año
always *el + dey
to cry llorar
mourner/whiner lloron
husband/wife esposo/a
handcuffs esposos
to believe/to think creer
i think not creo que no
i believe/think that creo que
to take/to take out/to get sacar
to touch/to play (an instrument) tocar
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