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Crossword Data

German Adjectives and Adverbs

anyway sowieso
wonderful wunderbar
on the way; en route; on the go unterwegs
suitcase derKoffer
suitcases dieKoffer
car, automobile derWagen
cars,automobiles dieWagen
train derZug
trains dieZüge
luggage dasGepäck
track dieGleis
tracks dieGleise
trainstation derBahnhof
trainstations dieBahnhöfe
travelguidebook derReiseführer
travelguidebooks dieReiseführer
afternoon derNachmitttag
afternoons dieNachmitttage
telephone dasTelefon
telephones dieTelefone
bottle dieFlasche
bottles dieFlaschen
to_get_up aufstehen
to_go_to_bed insBettgehen
fall_asleep einschlafen
to_wake_up aufwachen
I'm_sorry Es_tut_mir_leid
That_doesn't_matter. Das_macht_nichts
That's_fun Das_macht_Spaß
That's_fun_(for_me). Das_macht_(mir)_Spaß.
It_doesn't_matter._I_ don't_care Das_ist_egal.
It_doesn't_matter_(to_me)._I_don't_care Das_ist_(mir)_egal.
which welch-
but_rather, but_instead sondern
in_the_afternoon am_Nachmittag
to_ring klingeln
to_plan planen
to_set_(down), put setzen
to_put,place stellen
to_do tun, hat_getan
to_be_happy glücklich_sein
to_help helfen_(hilft)
has_helped hat_geholfen
to_hang_up auf_hängen
to_hang hängen,
to_have_hanged hat gehängt
Created by: axismann
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