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PBA 2 - 2 Honores

Vive Sano unit

peor worst
mejor best/better
fácil easy
díficil difficult
edad age
actividad activity
hijos/as children
paseo a stroll/a walk
esencial essential
física physical
agua water
jabón soap
cama bed
salud health
prevención prevention
enfermedad illness/sickness/disease
medicina medicine
peso/sobrepeso weight/overweight
obesidad obesity
músculos muscles
alimento food
cantidad quantity
chucherías sweets
premio reward
regalo gift
congelado frozen
baño bathroom
basura garbage
peine comb
uñas nails
manos hands
caminar to walk
bajar to go down
subir to go up
jugar to play
comenzar/empezar to begin/start
reducir to reduce
pescar to fish
montar en bicicleta ride a bike
ayudar to help
fortalecer to strengthen
controlar to control
madurar to mature
mejorar to better/improve
variar to vary
carecer to lack
evitar to avoid
lavarse to wash self
peinarse to comb self
acostarse to get self to bed
dormir to sleep
mantener to maintain
toser to cough
estornudar to sneeze
limpiar to clean
hacer comida to make food
alimentar to feed
mojarse to wet
frotar las manos to rub hands
aplicar to apply
enjuagar to rinse
secar to dry
Created by: mblanco79