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PBA 2- 4 Honores

Vocabulario para lectura - Unidad "Debate Ecológico"

la urbe the city
congestionado congested
contar con to have or to count on
trasladarse to move
volverse to become
el país natal the homeland
ello that
enterarse to find out (by chance)
el desafío the challenge
el peatón the pedestrian
el/la ciclista the cyclist
convertirse to become
el medio ambiente the environment
tras (tiempo) de after (time) of
la fase the stage/phase
asociarse to become a member
el trayecto the route, way
velar por to take care of/to watch over
con el fin de with the purpose of
la ciclovía the bike patch
el barrio the neighborhood
la anualidad yearly payment
tanto así que so much that
aventarse to run over someone
pedalear to pedal
transformarse to become
ir de la mano to go hand in hand with/to go together with
instransferible non-transferable
por lo cual because of which/that
la petición the petition
el lugar the place
tener cuidado to be careful
conducir to drive
el/la conductor(a) the driver
el dueño the owner
el usuario the user
hoy en día nowadays
gratuito free
Created by: mblanco79