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frog the detective

Sherlock Holms

pugnacious combative in nature
bourgeois middle class
fiend evil spirit or demon
avail helped, made use of
red-herring something that draws away from the central issue, a deterrent
endeavor to try or attempt in a purposeful way
audacious fearless, reckless, bold
austere Severe or stern in appearance and disposition
melancholy sad, depression, gloom
silhouetted an outline appearing dark against a light background
implicit no doubts or questions, relentless
heir one who is entitled by law to inherit the estate of another
incessant continuing without interruption
abhor loathe, hate
induce influence, persuade
incredulity disbelief
furtive hidden motives or stealthy, not to be seen
clandestine kept or done in secret
unmitigated without qualification or exception, absolute
vile loathsome, disgusting
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