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L6 questions

Chemical reactions

Chemical reactions take place when? Bonds between atoms in one compound break and the atoms reform bonds with different atoms from another compound
John Dalton's atomic theory states what? chemical reactions do not create nor destroy matter, they only rearrange bonds between atoms
Word equations do what? spell out the elements, they don't use symbols
To add more information to the equation you can do what? You can indicate the physical states of substances by putting a symbol after each formula
Where is a catalyst's formula written in a chemical equation? above the arrow in a chemical equation
A catalyst is neither what? a reactant nor product
An unbalanced equation does not indicate what? the quantity of the reactants needed to make the product
The law of conservation explains what? a part of Dalton's atomic theory
When a simple binary compound breaks down you know what? that the products must be the constituent elements
It is usually what to predict the product of decomposition reactions? difficult
How can you identify a single-replacement reaction? Noting both the reactants and the products consist of an element and a compound.
Whether a metal will displace another metal from a compound depends on what? The relative re activities of the two metals
Double replacement reactions are also called what? Double-displacement reactions
Double replacement reactions usually take place in what? in aqueous solutions and often produce a precipitate, a gas, or a molecular compound like water.
For a double replacement reaction to occur, one of the following must be true: One of the products is only slightly soluble and precipitates from solution, one of the products is a gas, one product is a molecular such as water
A combustion reaction always involves what as a reactant? oxygen
The other reactant of a combustion reaction is what? hydro-carbon
What can be products of combustion reactions? Elemental carbon ( soot) and toxic carbon monoxide gas
Combustion equations can also be classified as what? Combination reactions
What are the products of most combustion reactions? Carbon dioxide and water
Combination reaction general equation R+S arrow RS
General equation Decomposition Reaction RS arrow R+S
General equation Single replacement reaction T+RS arrow TS+R
What must happen for a single replacement reaction? the element that is displaced must be less active then the element that is doing the displacing
Double-replacement reaction equation R+S- +T+U- arrow R+U- +T+S-
What does a net ionic equation show? only those particles involved in the reaction and is balanced with respect to both mass and charge
How can you predict the formation of a precipitate in a double-replacement reaction? By using the general rules for solubility of ionic compounds, you can predict the formation of a precipitate
Aqueous solution take place in what? water
A spectator ion can be though of as what? only watching a reaction, not participating
Of the five types of reactant which ones can be written as net ionic equations? single- and double replacement reactions
A precipitate forms when which aqueous solutions are mixed? sulfate (Na2SO4) and barium nitrate (Ba(N03))
A reaction may fit equally well into what two categories? combination reaction/synthesis reaction
In all combination reactions, the product is usually what? a single substance
What is the opposite of a combination reaction? decomposition reactions
Decomposition reactions involve only what? one reactant and two or more products
The products of decomposition reactions can be what? any combination of elements and compounds
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