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Spanish 201, Ch. 5

la costumbre custom, habit
el/la indígena indigenous person
el/la jefe/a chief
el/la mestizo/a person of half Spanish, half Native-American descent
el pueblo town OR people (nation or ethnic group)
el sacerdote priest
el/la anciano/a old/elderly
la bandera flag
el/la campesino/a peasant
el conocimiento knowledge
el consejo council
los derechos humanos human rights
la desigualdad inequality
la fuente fountain; source
el/la generador/a generator
el mercado market
la paz peace
la piedra rock, stone
el poder power
la razón de ser reason for being
el rostro face
el siglo century
el sistema de salud health system
el temor fear
el/la trabajador/a worker
la vez time
la vida life
apresar to capture
atacar to attack
bajar to lower, go down
confiar (en) to trust (in)
demorar (en) to delay (in)
engañar to deceive
impedir (i, i) to hinder, prevent
intentar to try
matar to kill
oscurecer (zc) to get dark
violar to violate; to rape
aislado/a isolated
desheredado/a disinherited
oprimido/a oppressed
rodeado/a surrounded
a la larga in the long run
a su vez in turn
desgraciadamente unfortunately
poco a poco little by little
sobre todo above all
quizá(s) maybe, perhaps
tal vez maybe
la aldea village
la alfabetización the act of making people literate (noun)
el analfabetismo illiteracy
desigual unequal
entero/a entire, whole
el/la esclavo/a slave
explotar to exploit
la guerra war
igual equal, same
la igualdad equality
el maltrato mistreatment
subyugar to subjugate
la conquista conquest
el conquistador conqueror
construir to build, construct
la creencia popular popular belief
el maíz corn
el oro gold
la plata silver
la riqueza riches, wealth, fortune
colaborar to collaborate
conquistar to conquer
cooperar to cooperate
el desastre disaster
explorar to explore
invadir to invade
la opresión oppression
pacífico/a peaceful
precolombino/a pre-Columbian
respetar to respect
las ruinas ruins
el templo temple
contra against
la tierra land, Earth
esencial essential
Pachamama Mother Earth
común common
pobreza poverty
época historical time; time in a season; epoch; age; period of time
hora time of the day; hour
rato a while
ratito // ratico short while
tiempo time in abstraction; the duration of an action; weather
otra vez again
una vez once // one time
dos, tres . . . veces two, three . . . times
primera, segunda . . . vez first, second . . . time
a veces sometimes
otras veces other times
muchas veces many times
cada vez each time
a la vez at the same time, in addition
patrimonio heritage
cotidiano/a daily
en todo caso in any case
cualquier any
cualquier lugar anywhere
fugarse to escape; to run away
O sea in other words
aguantar to bear, to put up with
todavía still
es una lástima It's a shame, pity
es aconsejable it is advisable
propia own (as in "our own land")
sugerencias suggestions
soldado soldier
el bienestar well-being
Debe(s) pensar que . . . You have to think that . . .
Es importante pensar en . . . It's important to think about . . .
Hay que tener en cuenta de que One has to take into account that . . .
Tenemos que darnos cuenta de que . . . We have to realize that . . .
Hay que considerar que . . . It is necessary to consider that . . .
Yo pienso que . . . I think that . . .
Te lo aseguro. I assure you.
No puede ser. It can't be.
alegrarse (de) to be happy (about)
estar triste to be sad
molestar(se) to bother; (to become upset)
sorprender(se) to surprise; (to be surprised)
estar contento/a to be happy/content
lamentar(se) to regret; (to complain)
sentir to feel
tener miedo (de) to be afraid (of/that)
aconsejar to advise
proponer to propose
recomendar to recommend
sugerir to suggest
decir to say; to tell
insistir en to insist on
pedir to ask for; to order
preferir to prefer
rogar to beg
exigir to demand; to call for
mandar to order; to send
ordenar to order
permitir to allow
prohibir to prohibit
dudar to doubt
negar to deny
probablemente probably
posiblemente possibly
salvar to save (a life)
(No) es importante saber que . . . It is (not) important to know that . . .
(No) estoy de acuerdo con . . . I (don't) agree with . . . .
(Yo) (no) opino que . . . My opinion is (not) . . .
A mí (no) me parece que . . . It (does not) seem(s) to me that . . .
(yo) (no) pienso que . . . I (do not) think that . . .
(yo) (no) creo que . . . I (don't) believe that . . .
(no) estoy seguro/a de que . . . I am (not) sure that . . .
Dudo que . . . I doubt that . . .
No hay duda que . . . There is no doubt that . . .
es sorprendente . . . it's surprising . . .
es útil/inútil it's useful/useless . . .
es preferible it's preferable . . .
platicar to talk, to chat
secar to dry
tocar to touch (to have contact with/to feel); to play
agregar to add; to incorporate
obligar to force
pegar to hit (forcefully); to stick (attach to)
alcanzar to reach
avanzar to advance; to move forward
gozar to enjoy oneself; to enjoy
dirigir to manage; to run
escoger to choose
recoger to pick up; to gather