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Fair Housing

Fair Housing laws

Civil Right Act of 1866 Prohibit discrimination because of race without exception
Civil Rights Act of 1968 Prohibits from discrimination because of race,color,religion or national origin.
Housing and Community Development Act 1974 Prohibits discrimination based on sex, and requires the use of equal housing opportunity poster
Michigan person with Disability civil rights act Defines the civil rights of individuals who have a disability to prohibit discriminatory practices,policies, and customs in exercise of those rights.
Civil Rights Act “ Elliot Larson” 1977 Prohibits against discrimination because of age and marital status and with regards to employment, height and weight.
Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988 Protect disabled individual may suffer from determinable physical or mental condition; disease, injury,congenital condition, functional disorder
Refuse to Permit At expense of the disabled, reasonable modifications of existing premises occupied may be necessary to afford the disabled full enjoyment
Multi-Family Dwelling All 4 unit apartment complex must be accessible to disabled individuals if apartment is on ground floor. 1991
Advertising To make or cause to be made , printed, or published, any notice, statement or advertising with respect or sale indicating a preference,limitations of discrimination
Blockbusting To profit from INDUCING any person to sell or rent to certain groups of a particular race, color etc.
Discrimination by Financial Institution Loaning money or in giving favorable terms and interest
Redlining A lender refuses loans on a property in certain sections of the city regardless of qualifications of property or applicant.
Accepting a Listing A licensee, knowing that discrimination might exist against a certain group of people by the seller.
Denying membership participation in any group or facility related to selling or renting dwellings on basis of race, color, etc
Steering Directing minority persons into or away from neighborhoods because of there minority status
Remedies and pentalties A person can file a complaint with HUD within one year from the date of occurrence.
Equal Credit Opportunity Act ( Truth in Lending Act) Prohibits lenders from discrimination against borrowers because of race, creed, color, national origin, age receipt of public assistance, sex, marital status
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