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Capítulo cinco

Capítulo cinco

Estar alegre To be happy
Estar celoso(a) To be jealous
Estar contendo(a) To be happy or content
Estar deprimido(a) To be depressed
Estar divertido(a) To be entertained or in a good mood
Estar enfermo(a) To be sick
Estar equivocado(a) To be wrong
Estar feliz To be happy
Estar frustrado(a) To be frustrated
Estar interesado(a) To be interested
Estar ocupado(a) To be busy
Estar sano(a) To be healthy
Estar seguro(a) To be sure
Está sorprendida(o) To be surprised
Está triste To be sad
Está cansado(a) To be tired
Está enamorado To be in love
Está aburrida(o) To be bored
Está preocupada(o) To be worried
Está borracho(a) To be drunk
Está enojada(o) To be angry
Está avergonzado(a) To be embarrassed
Está asustado(a) To be scared
Estar loco(a) To be crazy
Está nervioso(a) To be nervous
La salud Healthy
-ar present particle -ando
-er or -ir present particle -iendo
Verb ir present particle Yendo
Listo Ready or clever
médico (a) Doctor
Cocinera (o) Chef or cook
El/la asistente de vuelo Flight attendant
Piloto (a) Pilot
Pintor Painter
Mesera (o) Waiter or waitress
Enfermera (o) Nurse
Músico (a) Musician
El Actor o la actriz Actor or actress
Policí­a Police officer
Cientí­fico Scientist
El/la Deportista Sportsman or sportswomen
Fotógrafa (o) Photographer
Mecánico (a) Mechanic
Abogado (a) Lawyer
El/La agente de viajes Travel agent
El amo (a) de casa Homemaker
Arquitecto (a) Architect
El bailarí­n o la bailarina Dancer
El/La cantante Singer
Contador (a) Accountant
Consejero (a) Counselor
El/La dependiente Store clerk
Diseñador (a) Designer
Escritor (a) Writer
Ingeniero (a) Engineer
El jefe o la jefa Boss
Maestro (a) Teacher
El/La modelo Model
El/La periodista Reporter
Polí­tico (a) Politician
Psicólogo (a) Psychologist
Secretario (a) Secretary
Trabajador (a) social Social worker
Vendedor (a) Salesperson
Veterinario (a) Veterinarian
El/La cliente Client
La entrevista Interview
Ganar To earn or win
La solicitud Application or want ad
El sueldo Salary
El trabajo Job
Poner To put or set
Salir To go out or to leave
Traer To bring
Conducir To drive
Dar To give
Ver To see
Decir To say or tell
Venir To come
Seguir To follow or continue
Oí­r To hear
Saber To know how to do something
Conocer Express acquaintance or familiarity with person place or thing
Created by: Miatanindy