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Español III 5.2

La salud y el bienestar (5.2), Health and wellness (5.2)

Añadir To add
Aumentar de peso To gain weight
Bajar de peso To lose weight
Dejar de To stop/quit
Entrenarse para una competencia To train for a competition
Evitar To avoid
Fumar To smoke
Hacer abdominales To do sit-ups
Hacer régimen/dieta To go on a diet
Ponerse a régimen/dieta To go on a diet
Inscribirse en un gimnasio To enroll in/at a gym
Levantar pesas To lift weights
Moverse To move
Ponerse en forma To get in shape
Practicar las artes marciales To practice martial arts
Quejarse (de) To complain (about)
Relajarse To relax
Respirar profundamente To breathe deeply
Saltar a la cuerda To jump rope
Ser flojo/vago/perezoso To be lazy
Sudar To sweat
Tener cuidado To be careful
Abdominales Sit-ups
Artes marciales Martial arts
Bienestar Well-being
Competencia Competition
Cuerda (de saltar) (Jump) rope
Estrés Stress
Gimnasio Gym
Grasa Fat
Hábito Habit
Pesas Weights
Peso Weight
Régimen Diet
Sal Salt
Salud Health
Created by: Sra. W