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3- Verbs Review

3-Verbs Review from 6th , 7th

abrir to open
aburrir to bore
almorzar to have lunch
ahorrar to save
arreglar to tidy up/to straighten up
apagar los fuegos to put out the fires
atrapar to catch
ayudar en casa to help in the(around) house
ayudar a los enfermos to help the sick
ayudar al médico to help the doctor
ayudar a las personas to help the people
ayudar a la gente to help the people
bailar to dance
barrer to sweep
batear to bat
beber to drink
buscar to look for
cambiar to change/to exchange
caminar al perro to walk the dog
cantar las canciones to sing songs
cenar to have dinner
cerrar to close
cocinar to cook
combinar to match
comer to eat
comprar to buy
contestar el teléfono to answer the phone
cortar to cut
correr to run
costar to cost
cuidar a los niños to take care of the children
dar to give
decir to say
deber should/ought to
dar miedo to be scared of
depositar to deposit
desayunar to have breakfast
desear to want/desire
despachar la medicina to dispatch the medicine
devolver to return an item
dibujar to draw
doblar la ropa to fold the clothes
doblar a la derecha to turn right
doblar a la izquierda to turn left
dormir to sleep
driblar to dribble
durar to last
encantar to love
enseñar to teach
enviar to send/to mail
escribir to write
escuchar to listen
esperar to wait
esquiar to ski
estar to be
estudiar to study
fascinar to really love
ganar dinero to earn more money
ganar un partido to win a game
gastar dinero to spend money
guardar to put away
gustar to like
gustaría would like
hablar to speak
hacer to do/to make
hacer preguntas to ask questions
hacer citas to make appointments
interesar to be interested in
ir to go
jugar to play
lanzar to throw
lavar to wash
leer to read
limpiar to clean
llevar to take/to carry/to wear
mandar to send/to mail
mirar to look at
montar en patineta to skateboard
montar en bicicleta to ride a bicycle
nadar to swim
navegar la red to search the internet
necesitar to need
ordenar to order
pagar to pay
participar en to participate in
organizar to organize
pasar la aspiradora to vacuum
pasar to pass
pasear to go on a stroll
patear to kick
patinar to skate
pedir to ask for
pensar to think about/to think that/ to plan to do something
perder to lose
pintar to paint
planchar to iron
poder to be able to
poner to put/to set/to place
practicar to practice
preferir to prefer
preparar to prepare
prestar atención to pay attention
probar to try
quedar to fit/how something looks
querer to want
quitar la mesa to clear the table
recibir to receive
recoger to pick up
recomendar to recommend
repasar to review
repetir to repeat
reservar to reserve
rezar to pray
sacar to take out
sacar buenas notas to get good grades
sacar malas notas to get bad grades
sacudir to dust
salir to go out/ leave
secar to dry
ser to be
ser miembro de to be a member of
servir to serve
subir to climb/to go up
tener to have
tener ganas de to feel like
tener hambre to be hungry
tener sed to be thirsty
tener frío to be cold
tener calor to be hot
tocar un instrumento to play an instrument
tomar to take/to drink
tomar apuntes to take notes
tomar pruebas to take quizzes
tomar exámenes to take tests
tomar sol to sunbathe
trabajar to work
traer to bring
usar to use
vender to sell
ver to watch
viajar to travel
visitar to visit
vivir to live
volver to return to a place
empezar to start
comenzar to begin
decidir to decide
trapear to mop
colgar to hang
aprender to learn
Created by: jdrawert8
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