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articles of confed

some boring stuff rudman makes me do

What was one of the first written constitutions? the Articles of Confederation
Why was the Articles of Confederation designed? it was designed to create a government for the country.
Who had limited power? Congress
At the Second Continental Congress, Silas Deane summed up the reasons for the Articles of Confederation with this simple statement: United we stand, divided we fall
Besides setting up an Army and signing the Declaration of Independence, the Second Continental Congress produced the country's first government, called: The Articles of Confederation
Who set up the guidelines for the National Government? The Second Continental Congress
A group of people who represent other people Congress
Under the Articles of Confederation, who could declare war? Congress
Under the Articles of Confederation, who could make laws? show Congress
Under the Articles of Confederation, who could settle arguments between states? Congress
Under the Articles of Confederation, who could print money Congress and the States
Under the Articles of Confederation, who could print money The States
How much control did Congress have over trade between the States in the Articles of Confederation? None
What was the authority of the Congress to collect taxes in the Articles of Confederation? They had none
Why didn't the States want the Congress to be able to collect taxes under the Articles of Confederation? Figured it would get out of control and become a revival of the Acts imposed after the French and Indian War.
Under the Articles of Confederation, who was solely responsible for making agreements with other nations? Congress
Under the Articles of Confederation, why did states join into a league of friendship with other states? Common Defense, secure their liberties, and assist each other if attacked.
Under the Articles of Confederation, if one state had a ruling in its courts, who was bound to abide by it? All the other states
Under the Articles of Confederation, what happened if a criminal escaped from one state to another? They would be sent back to the state where the offense occurred.
Under the Articles of Confederation, who was able to raise armies/ militia? States and Congress
Who set the taxes for the states? Each State set its own taxes.
How often were delegates appointed to the Congress by the States? Annually
How much were the delegates paid to participate in the Congress? Nothing
If a State provided 7 delegates would they get 7 votes? no they would get 1 vote.
How did they determine how much funding each State would provide the Congress to defray costs? It was based on land values
In order to enter a treaty, engage in war, borrow or coin money, how many states had to agree? Nine of the thirteen.
What was the biggest issue for the Congress under the Articles of Confederation? MONEY
what was the 3/5 clause calculated against the entire slave population
southern states said slaves were______ but wanted to count them as ________. property and people
What organization paid Fredrick Douglas to go one the road full time? bless this heart
What are the 3 branches of government? Legislative, Judaical, executive
Who has the duty to select and appoint federal judges? the president
Which branch of government can declare war? congress
What can the president do to deal with emergencies? send troops over seas
can the supreme court throw out a law that the president has approved? yes
What are the individual freedoms known as today? The Bill of Rights
Which states did not send delegates to Philadelphia for the conventions? Rhode Island
What was the purpose of devolving a new national government? to create a stronger federal government
Who were the three statesmen who championed the New Constitution? Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay
Who were three Anti Federalist? George Mason, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams
Created by: kheinrich
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