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Span Cognates

Spanish Cognates AND False Cognates

actual actual present-day real, efectivo
agonía agony death, struggle angustia
apología apology eulogy, defense excusa
arena arena sand estadio, coliseo
asistir assist to attend ayudar
atender attend to take care of or attend to asistir
bizarro bizarre gallant, brave, generous, liberal raro, original
campo camp country campamento
carta card letter tarjeta
cimiento cement foundation, root origin cemento
complexión complexion constitution, temperament tez
confección confection handiwork, fancywork pastel
conferencia conference lecture consulta
decepción deception disappointment engaño
delito delight crime deleite
desgracia disgrace misfortune vergüenza
desmayo dismay faint consternación
editor editor publisher redactor
embarazada embarrassing pregnant embarazoso
emocionante emotional thrilling emocional
éxito exit success salida
fábrica fabric factory tejido
faltar fault to be lacking culpa
gracioso gracious funny contés
ignorar ignore to not know something no hacer caso de
injuria injury injustice, damage, harm daño, herida
jubilación jubilation retirement, pension júbilo
largo large long grande
marca mark marco brand (of a product) señal picture frame
once once eleven una vez
ordinario ordinary common, vulgar común, corriente
pariente parent relative padre o madre
pan pan bread sartén
quitar quit to take away, remove dejar
realizar realize to achieve a goal darse cuenta de
recolección recollection compilation, summary recuerdo, memoria
red red net (internet) rojo
restar rest deduct descansar
sano sane healthy cuerdo
sentencia sentence verdict, judgement frase
simpático sympathetic appealing, pleasant compasivo
suceso success event, happening éxito
trampa tramp cheat vagabundo
alcohol alcohol
ángel angel
animal animal
área area
arquitecto arquitect
banana banana
cable cable
cereal cereal
control control
criminal criminal
debate debate
error error
gas gas
menú menu
mineral mineral
mosquito mosquito
motor motor
ópera opera
conexión connection
the airplane el avión
the truck el camión
the script el guión
the measles el sarampión
cualidad quality
especialidad speciality
honestidad honesty
responsibilidad responsibility
seguridad security
seciedad society
anotomía anatomy
biología biology
filosofía philosophy
psicología (sicología) psychology
socioloía sociology
adolescente adolescent
delincuente delinquent
inmigrante immigrant
paciente patient
sirviente servant
argumento argument
documento document
fragmento fragment
pavimento pavement
suplemento supplement
comportamiento comportment (behavior)
sentimiento sentiment
entretenimiento entertainment
entrenamiento training
conocimiento knowledge
pimiento pepper
abundancia abundance
arrogancia arrogance
correspondencia correspondence
existencia existence
presencia presence
referencia reference
repugnancia repugnance
feminista feminist
linguista linguist
meterialista materialist
optimista optimist
pesimista pessimist
racista racist
socialista socialist
demonstrar to demostrate
fascinar to fascinate
finalizar to finish
imitar to imitate
iniciar to iniciate
insistir to insist
inventar to invent
liberar to liberate
manipular to manipulate
obtener to obtain
servir to serve
solucionar to solve
decente decent
eficiente efficient
envidioso envious
generoso generous
inocente innocent
quieto quiet still, silencioso
reciente recently
reservado reserved
sincero sincere
artiísticamente artistically
eficientemente efficiently
especialmente specially
generosamente generously
inocentemente innocently
naturalmente naturally
obviamente obviously
posiblemente possibly
rápidamente rapidly
recientemente recently
responsabelmente responsibly
sinceramente sincerely
collar, collar necklace, cuello (de camisa)
concurso, concourse contest, explanada
competencia, competence competition, capacidad
compromiso, compromise commitment, término medio
confección, confection handiwork, pastel
coraje, courage anger, valor
constumbre, custume custom, disfraz
desgracia, disgrace back luck, verguenza
dirección, direction address, rumbo
dormitorio, dormitory bedroom, residencia de estudiantes
educación, education manners, education; instrucción formal
falta, fault error, culpa
idioma, idiom language, modismo
lectura, lecture reading selection, discurso
librería, library bookstore, biblioteca
pena, pain embarrassment, dolor
sentencia, sentence verdict, frase
suceso, success event, success
vaso, vase glass, florero
abusar, to abuse to molest, maltratar
advertir, to advertise to warn, anunciar
apuntar, to appoint to write down, nombrar
argüir, to argue present a case, discutir
avisar, to advise to inform, aconsejar
demandar, to demand to sue, exigir
explanar, to explain to level, explicar
pretender, to pretend to aspire to, fingir
resistir, to resist to tolerate, tener fuerzas
revisar, to review to review, enmendar
solicidar, to solicit to submit an application, pedir
soportar, to support to tolerate, apoyar
casual, casual unexpected, informal
constipado, constipated having a bad cold, estreñido
conveniente, convenient advantageous, cómodo
corriente, current ordinary, actual
egoísta, egotistical selfish, presumido
embarazada, embarrassed pregnant, avergonzado
exitoso, exciting successful, emocionante
fastidioso, fastidious annoying, detallado
gracioso, gracious funny, gentil
ordinario, ordinary vulgar, común
real, real royal, verdadero
sano, sane healthy, cuerdo
actualmente, actually currently, realmente
Created by: maksimakova
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