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Test 6 LA Vocab

Inundate To flood
Fruitless Useless
Poignant Moving, painful to the feeling
Garbled Confused, mixed up
Sanguine Optimistic
Idiom: To feather one's nest Grow rich by taking advantage of circumstances
Phelgmatic Calm, hard to rouse to action
Corroborate Confirm, support
Comprehensive Thourough
Zealous Enthusiastic
Coerce To force
Idiom: Fair weathered friends Unreliable, They fail in time of distress
Elapse To slip by
Meticulous Careful
Domicile Home
Lax Careless, negligent
Sporadic Occasional
Idiom: To sow one's wild oats To lead a wild, carfree life
Rash Too hasty, reckless
Conjecture Guess
Obviate Do away with, eliminate
Lurid Sensational
Quip Joke
Idiom: Windfall Unexpected financial gain
Diatribe Bitter criticism
Inhibition Restraint
Fortuitous Accidental
Incoherent Disjointed
Ilk Kind, sort
Idiom: To wear one's heart on one's sleeve To make one's feelings evident
Prestigious Illustrious
Placard Poster
Integral Essential
Remuneration reward, pay
Nominal Slight
Idiom: To wash dirty linen in public To openly discuss open affairs
Expunge Erase
Flamboyant Showy, colorful
Anathema Something greatly detested
Schism Split
Utopia Place of perfection
Idiom: To save face To avoid disgrace
Timorous Fearful
Truncated Cut short
Jaunty Sprightly, gay
Fractious Quarrelsome
Ostentatious Showy
Idiom: Indian summer Warm autumn weather
Created by: 203681