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Spanish 1, Final Review Vocab - 2020

Apple Manzana
Bed Cama
Behind Detrás
Blind Ciego
Cake Pastel
Carrot Zanahoria
Chair Silla
Coffee Café
Cold Frío
Dance Baile
Deaf Sordo
Easy Fácil
Egg Huevo, blanquito
Fast Rápido
Fish Pescado
French Francés
Hair Pelo
Ham Jamón
Homework Tarea
In front Delante
Is sad Está triste
It's sunny Hace sol
Kitchen Cocina
Lettuce Lechuga
Library Biblioteca
Living room Sala
Magazine Revista
Milk Leche
Mischievous Travieso
Mother Madre
Nephew Sobrino
Older Mayor
Orange Naranja
Oven Horno
Parents Padres
Quiet Callado
Rice Arroz
Sandwich Sándwich
Sauce Salsa
Son Hijo
Soup Sopa
Table Mesa
There is/are Hay
Thin, skinny Delgado, flaco
Things Cosas
To do, make Hacer
To eat Comer
To go out, leave Salir
To mix Mezclar
To play (instrument) Tocar
To put Poner
To read Leer
To straighten, arrange Arreglar
To study Estudiar
Tomato Tomate
Trash Basura
Uncle Tío
Under Debajo
Vacuum Aspiradora
Vegetables Verduras, vegetales
Young Joven
Younger Menor
Created by: senorjohnson
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