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Unit 3 Vocab

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Contribute To give to a cause, event or project
Consistent Keeping to the same principles; reliable
Maintain To keep up; to declare to be true
Observation The act of noticing something observed
Sufficient Enough; the right amount as needed
Covetous Jealous, greedy
Morose Gloomy; ill-tempered
Resolute With a clear purpose; determined
Impossible Not capable of happening
Malcontent Person who is always unhappy
Miser Greedy;stingy person
Parallel Having the direction similar
Altered Changed
Strive Great effort; struggle
Dispelled Drove away; scattered
Earnest Serious; not joking
Infinitely Not able to be measured, limitless
Permit Allow
Release The act of letting go; set free
Contact Connection;communication
Tissue Masses of cells forming parts of animals or plants
Enlarged Made bigger; increased in size
Amoeba Microscopic, single-celled organism
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