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Presente Progresivo

Spanish Present Progressive

ser to be
estar to be
tomando drinking
pensando thinking
comer to eat
comiendo eating
por for
leer to read
leyendo reading
construir to construct/to build
mentiroso liar
pantalones pants
fuego fire
en on/in
madera wood/lumber
hondureño Honduran
entonces so
existo I exist
pupitre desk
simpático nice/friendly
alto tall/stop (traffic)
profesor teacher
doctor doctor
policía policeman
carro car
mío/mía mine
baile a dance
tarde late
travieso naughty
triste sad
feliz happy
sucio dirty
enfermos sick
bien fine
casado married
divorciado divorced
jubilado retired
muerto dead
vivo live
porque because
parados standing
la tarde the afternoon
Created by: predpanther56