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Chemistry Mid Term

Chemistry Mid Term Mr.Griffin 2017

James Chadwick Discovery of a neutron in 1932. An uncharged particle accounts for half of the atoms mass was founded by?
Atomists An atom is an "indivisible" particle. The concept of the atom was proposed by who?
John Dalton Billiard Ball Model, the vast majority of an atom is empty space was proposed by who ?
Ernest Rutherford Gold Foil Experiment and provided the existence of the nucleus. Who was this?
Erwin Schrodinger Electron Cloud Model was founded by who?
J.J. Thomson Discovery of the electron and they are distributed randomly though out the atom was who?
Law of Multiple Proportions Different ratios indicate different compounds. Which law is this?
Law of Definite Proportions Chemist will tell you that water from food or water from any source satisfies which basic law? (A set ratio is a set compound)
Oil Drop Experiment Which experiment by Robert Millikan described the weight of an electron?
Law of Conservation of Mass Matter can be neither be created or destroyed during an ordinary chemical or physical reaction. What law is this?
Atom What is the smallest independently existing piece of matter.
Protons + Neutrons How do you find the mass number of an Atom?
Ion A special type of atom is found by gaining or losing electrons is called what? Ex: S-2
Isotope A special type of atom having too many or too few neutrons is known as what? Ex: Sulfur - 214 or 4H
Flammable Any substance that can be easily ignited and quick burning is what?
Toxic Any substance able to cause harm to the body through absorption, ingestion, or injection is what?
Caustic Any substance able to burn, damage, or destroy organic tissue by a chemical reaction is what?
Electron Cloud What is the current model of the atom known as?
Gold Foil Experiment Which experiment proved that the atom is mostly empty space and has a nucleus at its core?
Speed and Position The Hiesenburg uncertainty principal states that you cant know which two things the same time?
Valence Electrons What do the dots represent on the electron dot diagram where you add the dots one per side the make them pairs?
luster What is a characteristic of a metal?
Brittle What is a characteristic of a non-metal?
Family or group On the periodic table, elements with similar chemical and physical properties are best defined as what?
Alkali Metals What is the family of elements that contain soft silvery metals that react strongly with water?
Noble gasses What family of elements doesn't react with anything?
Up and Right Electronegativity increases as you do what on the periodic table?
Down The shielding effect increases as you do what on the periodic table?
Down and Left Ionic Radii increases as you do what on the periodic table?
Aufbau Principal Electrons fill from the lowest level to the highest level is which principal?
Pauli's Exclusion Principal No two electrons in an atom have the same set of values is known as what principal?
Hunds Rule Orbitals are filled by one electron before that can have a second electron is called what?
Alpha Which type of radiation is the most dangerous?
Gamma Which type of radiation has the most penetrating power?
Stability Why do isotopes undergo radioactive decay?
Dimitri Mendleev The scientist cited for the creation of the periodic table was who?
Halogens Which family of elements has the most reactive nonmetals on the periodic table?
Down and Left Atomic Radii increases as you do what on the periodic table?
Up and Right Electron Affinity increases as you do what on the periodic table?
Up and Right Ionization increases as you do what on the periodic table?
Fission What is the splitting of atoms called?
Fusion What is the combining of atoms called?
Octet Rule When individual atoms seek to have a full or empty outer shell is which rule?
A metal then nonmetal Ionic bonds are formed by what?
Nonmetal Covenant bonds are formed by what?
Ionic, Covenant, Metallic, Acidic, Organic What are the five major bond types?
Dipole-Dipole, Hydrogen, London Dispersion What are the three types of intermolecular bonds?
Oxyanion A polyatomic anion containing oxygen that can have different amounts of oxygen are known as what?
Health Hazard On the MSDS chart, what does the blue diamond represent?
Reactivity On the MSDS chart, what does the yellow diamond represent?
Special equipment needed On the MSDS chart, what does the white diamond represent?
Flammability Hazard On the MSDS chart, what does the red diamond represent?
Created by: Makayleem